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Dryer duct repair Columbus OH:  Dryer duct repair or duct work replacement may be necessary if your dryer is not working efficiently.  All major appliances require some regular maintenance for safety or efficiency.  Failure to properly maintain appliances increases their chances of breaking down, or causes them to work harder to perform their task.  This leads to increased energy bills and a chance of an appliance repair or replacement bill.  When dryer vent cleaning and maintenance is neglected, there is yet another danger; a clothes dryer fire.  

Here are some items you should know about clothes dryers and dryer duct systems:

  • The lint trap should be pulled and cleaned after each load of laundry
  • Residue can build up on the lint screen over time; it should be washed with soap and water about once a month
  • Avoid putting rags soaked with oil, gasoline or other combustible substances into the dryer, even if they have been washed
  • All flammable materials and liquids should be stored well away from the clothes dryer
  • Order professional dryer vent cleaning and maintenance at least once a year
  • Have your dryer duct and vent system inspected to be sure it is up to UL Safety Standards
  • Do not use vinyl or plastic material for your dryer ducts; use only semi-rigid or solid metal
  • Keep the outside vent clean and check it often for blockage, damage or freezing

Proper maintenance of your dryer vent system will keep you safe from a fire, save money on energy bills, and reduce the risk of appliance malfunction or break-down.  The small service fee for a dryer vent cleaning and inspection is little compared to the savings it offers in preventing a fire and prolonging the life of your dryer.

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